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Wine and Cheese Parties

2010 July 13

Wine and Cheese
Tonight, 6 close girl-buddies are coming over and we’re going to sit out in my beautiful “Little Italy” backyard and eat big! We do this, the six of us, about once a month. It’s a blast. We pick one of our homes as the party house and through email blasts back and forth, we decide who is bringing what part of the meal and who is bringing the wine. Every time, we have an amazing meal. Because all my gal-pals are great cooks!

My "little Italy" backyard

But, sometimes, it’s just too hot to cook, or you aren’t in the mood. Here’s a solution:

Why not try a wine and cheese party? Here’s the beauty of doing that. YOU DON’T HAVE TO COOK!

So, if you are someone like me, who loves to have your best friends over for a fun evening of food and spirits, make it easy on yourself! I found this helpful video about making an easy wine and cheese party. Take a look and have fun!

A great place to order wine online is at

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