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Tapas – Small Plates

2009 March 24

Figs and Ham from Easy AppetizersI’m having so much fun with my new blog that I can’t help but add a new post. And why not?

I want to tell you more about Tapas small plates and how much fun they can be. I mean, Tapas are HOT! (and cold…) but going out to a Tapas bar, or making your own inviting small plates and then in turn, inviting your friends over to share them, is a blast. I have a whole page on the history of tapas on my Easy Appetizer Recipes website. You should check it out when you get a chance.

Here’s a definition of tapas for those unfamiliar with the savory small plates and the tradition behind it…

Popular throughout Spain in bars and restaurants, tapas are appetizers that usually accompany SHERRY or other APÃRTIFS or COCKTAILS. They can also form an entire meal and can range from simple items such as olives or cubes of ham and cheese to more elaborate preparations like cold omelets, snails in a spicy sauce, stuffed peppers and miniature sandwiches.

The Tapas tradition or the art of tapeo originated from Spain. And in many of its famous cities, tapeo is the practice of sampling various tapas at different bars in town. Many consider this an art, as far as food tasting is concern. I call it plain ole’ fun.

Just to whet your appetite (isn’t that what appetizers are supposed to do??)… here’s one of my favorite tapas small plate recipes – nice and easy and so yummy!

Figs and Ham Tapas- Also known as Higos con Jamón
Who would have thought that a combination of figs and ham tapas could make such a yummy appetizer? You’ll want to make a whole meal out of it!

I don’t normally like fruit with meat, but there’s something so delicious about this combination that I had to try it. And it’s worth it. Serve this on beautiful little tapas small plates and you’ll end up “wowing” your guests!

Blue Puente Tapas Plate

Blue Puente Tapas Plate

What you’ll need:
- Figs
- Chives
- Smoked ham – chopped into smallish pieces
- Olive oil

To find out how this all goes together, read the rest of the figs and ham tapas recipe.

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